Practice Assessment

The goal of the Practice Assessment is to examine the current procedures in place and compare them to national "best practice" standards to determine an effective direction to proceed. Whether it be financial management, human resources, information management or general operations, we can help. We create a custom plan that will help lead the efforts to accomplish the approved goals within designated time frame.
The process is repeated annually, resulting in a continuous improvement cycle based on mutually agreed-upon priorities.
Areas that we have assisted clients range from:

  • Board Meeting agenda items designated as informational, discussion, or action
  • Department Meetings regularly scheduled and held at reasonable schedule
  • Documentation in Employee Personnel records keeping
  • Cross-train employees to decrease employee expense
  • EHR evaluation and recommendations
  • Written practice procedures and protocols
  • Cash management procedures to increase revenue security
  • Patients are able to interact with the practice over the Internet
  • Improve hiring practices to decrease turnover and maximize patient satisfaction
  • Online presence and email-able patient information to speed up patient check-in