Office Design

The design of your office space or building is critical to effective and efficient patient flow from check in to clinic to patient check out. Each area is critical to a positive patient experience in your practice.

Designing or remodeling a medical clinic can be a daunting task, but if left up to a construction company alone they will not know how to maximize your patient flow. Waterway medical Management brings important operations experience to the table to maximize the functionality of your floor plan. Designing patient friendly and cost effective floor plans can help reduce the required staffing and time it take for physicians to even treat patents, saving both time and money. There are a few basic goals we keep in mind when designing your floor plan. First, get it right the first time by asking the right questions at the beginning to ensure no hidden or forgotten pitfalls. Next design the plans specific to the flow. To accomplish that task we concentrate on the physicians and medical staff, specifically, how they communicate and where in proximity to the equipment and supplies they use every day. All of this translates to a time saving efficient work life for everyone.

In the end, you will have a practice location of which both you and your patients will be proud.