Financial Analysis

In the uncertain reimbursement world in healthcare, both financial stability and maintaining profitability are key.

At Waterway Medical Management, your profitability is very important to use. We consider every aspect of your financial package in reviewing your financial health. Both your income statement and balance sheet are reviewed with you and your CPA to best understand your current position and to determine the course of action that will most positively impact your profitability. Meetings are held on a custom schedule so that the goals we set are met and you can track the changing trends in your financial market. Your financial success is more than just increasing revenue, but also about being conscious of expenses and preparing a budget to keep those in check. We help you create that budget to ensure cost containment.

Your practice's financial health is a balance of a good patient base, maximized revenue and being acutely aware of operational costs. Waterway Medical is poised to help you create that balance.