Waterway Medical Management lets you be a doctor again!

Do you remember when you made the decision to become a physician? Having that overwhelming desire to help people in your chosen specialty? A time far removed from coding concerns, billing issues or government enacted acronyms such as ERx, PQRS and lastly, meaningful use.

At Waterway Medical Management, we remember a simple time in health care as well and want to return you to that time by taking on those onerous responsibilities for you. Our expertise lies across a wide range of areas designed to alleviate the stress that the business side of medicine inflicts on physicians.

WMM works with established solo practitioners and group practices as well as physicians just completing training. With our background rooted in health care, we understand the need to provide specialized models for each practice. Just as your patients are unique, we design a model that best fits your practice’s specific challenges and needs. Our goal for our clients is to provide the most specialized, comprehensive management resources for physicians in private practice as well as any other health care organization.

Our organizational philosophy is to provide the same personal attention to you and your practice that you give to your patients.